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Living Colour - Shade

Shade, their first album since the critically acclaimed The Chair In The Doorway in 2009, is Living Colour at the height of their creative powers, still experimenting as though they were upstarts instead of seasoned veterans. While the blues served as the foundation for the collection, one shouldn't expect to hear the "down-home" style that was once the soundtrack of sharecroppers and southern juke joints before the music rode the rails north during the Great Migration. Living Colour's blues incorporate a myriad of influences, while speaking to the politically-charged climate of the times.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Freedom Of Expression
  2. 2. Preachin' Blues
  3. 3. Come On
  4. 4. Program
  5. 5. Who Shot Ya
  6. 6. Always Wrong
  7. 7. Blak Out
  8. 8. Pattern In Time (Skin In The Game)
  9. 9. Who's That
  10. 10. Glass Teeth
  11. 11. Invisible
  12. 12. Inner City Blues
  13. 13. Two Sides

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 17
    New Haven, CT, US Living Colour at Toad's Place
  • Oct 19
    Charlottesville, VA, US Living Colour at Jefferson Theater
  • Oct 20
    Leesburg, VA, US Living Colour at Tally Ho / Tally Ho Theatre
  • Oct 21
    Dayton, OH, US Living Colour at Oddbody's
  • Oct 23
    Ferndale, MI, US Living Colour at The Magic Bag
  • Oct 24
    West Dundee, IL, US Living Colour with Man The Mighty and OUTDrejas at Rochaus
  • Oct 25
    Memphis, TN, US Living Colour at New Daisy Theatre
  • Oct 27
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, US Living Colour at Culture Room
  • Oct 28
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, US Living Colour at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
  • Oct 29
    St Petersburg, FL, US Living Colour at State Theatre
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