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King Washington

King Washington - Potential

Drawing from diverse influences, Los Angeles’ King Washington are in the midst of creating the new California sound. By fusing classic vocal harmonies and lyrical melodies with a contemporary approach to songwriting, the band has created a unique sound that is as creative as it is familiar. With two albums and a tour history that includes over 150 shows across the US (sharing the stage with the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Collective Soul), King Washington plans on continuing the trend of blowing audiences away across the nation... as one of LA Weekly's top live shows in Los Angeles.

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"My Reflection"


  1. 1. My Reflection
  2. 2. Superman
  3. 3. Interval
  4. 4. Evelyn
  5. 5. Love Be Gone
  6. 6. Hey Boy
  7. 7. Nowhere’s Hard To Find
  8. 8. I Wouldn’t Laugh About It
  9. 9. The Other Side
  10. 10. Be Where You Belong
  11. 11. The Great Disguise
  12. 12. Interlude
  13. 13. New Meaning
  14. 14. Climb Out The Valley