New Releases For April 30, 2013

Kally O'Mally
Easy Money

Kally O'Mally - Easy Money

Kally O'Mally is a versatile singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in big harmonies, lush arrangements and Americana story-based songs.

Her fun infectious music will take you from hitting the jackpot in Vegas to the hard rains in Texas. Then it's off to the diner in Memphis where we stay awhile to chat with Jane the waitress. We'll see the golden fields in the California heartland and stop at the cottage for one last look at the past. There's no getting past it, a new dawn is on the horizon and Kally O'Mally's got a winner with Easy Money.

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"Easy Money"


  1. 1. Easy Money
  2. 2. Beside Me
  3. 3. Now That You're Gone
  4. 4. Crazy
  5. 5. Derailed
  6. 6. Texas Rain
  7. 7. Stay Awhile
  8. 8. California Heartland
  9. 9. Can't Remember When
  10. 10. Back To Being Friends
  11. 11. Don't Cry
  12. 12. New Dawn
  13. 13. Easy Money Reprise