New Releases For October 9, 2012

Kaki King

Kaki King - Glow

Hailed by Rolling Stone as 'a genre unto herself,' Kaki King is a true iconoclast, a visionary musician/artist whose singular work rightly stands out amongst the easily formatted. Glow, her groundbreaking new release, is a return to the solo guitar format with which she first broke through on her 2002 debut album Everybody Loves You. Both indescribable and definitive, it's an evocative, exuberant collection of genre agnostic soundscapes, rich with wit, theme, and inspired invention.

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"Bowen Island"


  1. 1. Great Round Burn
  2. 2. Streetlight In The Egg
  3. 3. Bowen Island
  4. 4. Cargo Cult
  5. 5. Kelvinator
  6. 6. Fences
  7. 7. No True Masterpiece Will Ever Be Complete
  8. 8. Holding The Severed Self
  9. 9. Skimming The Fractured Surface To A Place Of Endless Light
  10. 10. King Pizel
  11. 11. The Fire Eater
  12. 12. Marche Slav

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 27
    Stanford, CA, US Kaki King at Bing Concert Hall, Stanford University
  • Apr 28
    Berkeley, CA, US Kaki King at Cornerstone Berkeley
  • Apr 29
    Santa Cruz, CA, US Kaki King at The Catalyst
  • May 16
    New Jersey, NJ, US Kaki King at Avenel Arts Center
  • May 17
    New Jersey, NJ, US Kaki King at Avenel Arts Center
  • May 23
    Baltimore, MD, US Kaki King at Creative Alliance
  • May 25
    Burnsville, NC, US Kaki King at Parkway Playhouse
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