New Releases For June 12, 2012

Jukebox The Ghost
Safe Travels

Jukebox The Ghost - Safe Travels

On their third album, Jukebox the Ghost expands on the sound they've developed over their first two albums, while delving into more mature themes. This collection of finely crafted power pop is the perfect soundtrack for summer. The band will be touring the US from June through August.

'If the first 20 seconds of 'Somebody' pass without some part of your body moving in time with the music, then something has probably gone terribly wrong.' -

'Ridiculously addictive. Just give in.' - Nylon

'[A] way with brightly colored, piano-based melody' - AV Club

'Omig-o-o-d' - Ann Powers, NPR

'Summer jam - 'Somebody'' - Teen Vogue

'Roll down the window and sing at the top of your lungs. Repeat.' - Popdose

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  1. 1. Somebody
  2. 2. Oh, Emily
  3. 3. At Last
  4. 4. Say When
  5. 5. Don't Let Me Fall Behind
  6. 6. Dead
  7. 7. Adulthood
  8. 8. Ghosts In Empty Houses
  9. 9. Devils On Our Side
  10. 10. All For Love
  11. 11. Man In The Moon
  12. 12. Everybody Knows
  13. 13. The Spiritual

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