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John Wort Hannam
Love Lives On

John Wort Hannam - Love Lives On

Love Lives On shows a depth and breadth not seen in Wort Hannam’s previous records. It is a record that only comes when the songwriter is finally comfortable in his own skin as an artist and is creating work that doesn’t come from following self-prescribed constraints but instead comes from following one’s own heart.

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"Love Lives On"


  1. 1. Roll, Roll, Roll
  2. 2. Over The Moon
  3. 3. Labrador
  4. 4. Love Lives On
  5. 5. Chasing The Song
  6. 6. Man Of God
  7. 7. Gonna See My Love
  8. 8. Write Me Back In
  9. 9. Heart For Sale
  10. 10. Molly & Me
  11. 11. Good Nite Nova Scotia

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