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John Luther Adams
Become Desert (CD/DVD)

John Luther Adams - Become Desert (CD/DVD)

Become Desert is both a celebration of the deserts we are given, and a lamentation of the deserts we create.” - John Luther Adams

John Luther Adams’ Become Desert is the much-anticipated sequel to the Pulitzer Prize and Grammy-winning Become Ocean, and a major milestone in the creative partnership between the composer and the Seattle Symphony with Ludovic Morlot. For Adams, who has been described as “one of the most original musical thinkers of the new century” by The New Yorker’s Alex Ross, the 40-minute work emerges as one of his most expansive and consciousness-raising musical statements to date.

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"Become Desert (Excerpt)"


  1. Become Desert (Excerpt)
  2. 1. Become Desert (40:22)