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Jim Lauderdale
Jim Lauderdale & Roland White

Jim Lauderdale - Jim Lauderdale & Roland White

In the summer of 1979 Jim Lauderdale made a pilgrimage to Nashville from North Carolina with two goals: to work with and befriend Roland White and George Jones, and to make a mark on the respective worlds of bluegrass and country music. The result of their friendship was a bluegrass record, created in the basement of Earl and Louise Scruggs’ home. The record initially struggled to attract a formal record deal and was ultimately left unreleased. Years later, Roland White’s wife discovered the reel to reel of a rough mix, and thus, Jim Lauderdale & Roland White was born again.

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"Forgive And Forget"


  1. 1. Forgive And Forget
  2. 2. Gold And Silver
  3. 3. (Stone Must Be The) Walls Built Around Your Heart
  4. 4. Six White Horses
  5. 5. I Might Take You Back Again
  6. 6. Try And Catch The Wind
  7. 7. Don't Laugh
  8. 8. Regrets And Mistakes
  9. 9. February Snow
  10. 10. (That’s What You Get) For Loving Me
  11. 11. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  12. 12. Nashville Blues

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