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J.D. Souther
John David Souther (Reissue)

J.D. Souther - John David Souther (Reissue)

John David Souther arrived in 1971, and was immediately a critical success and established Souther as a, if not the songwriter to watch. Co-produced by Souther and Fred Catero, John David Souther featured 10 originals - all stunning, and many of which would be covered by artists like Bonnie Raitt (“Run Like A Thief”) and his old friends the Eagles, who released “How Long” as the first single from their 2007 comeback and multi-platinum smash, Long Road Out Of Eden. To reintroduce this album, Omnivore has added 7 previously unissued bonus tracks, expanded artwork and liner notes by Scott Schinder taken from new interviews with Souther himself.

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"How Long"


  1. 1. The Fast One
  2. 2. Run Like A Thief
  3. 3. Jesus In 3/4 Time
  4. 4. Kite Woman
  5. 5. Some People Call It Music
  6. 6. White Wing
  7. 7. It’s The Same
  8. 8. How Long
  9. 9. Out To Sea
  10. 10. Lullaby
  11. Bonus Tracks:
  12. 11. Kite Woman (Alternate Version)
  13. 12. Jesus In 3/4 Time (Demo)
  14. 13. The Fast One (Demo)
  15. 14. Run Like A Thief (Demo)
  16. 15. How Long (Demo)
  17. 16. One In The Middle (Demo)
  18. 17. Silver Blue (Demo)

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