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J.D. Souther
Home By Dawn (Expanded Reissue)

J.D. Souther - Home By Dawn (Expanded Reissue)

Home By Dawn emerged at the beginning of the new wave of country music. In fact, legendary producer/engineer, and David’s father, Jim Malloy (Townes Van Zandt, Eddy Arnold, Sammi Smith) told Souther, “You were about 15 minutes ahead of your time!” That timing was confirmed when Dixie Chicks covered “I’ll Take Care Of You” on their 12x Platinum Wide Open Spaces. The album’s original 9 songs are joined by four bonus tracks - a demo of “I’ll Take Care Of You,” two outtakes from the original sessions and his Urban Cowboy duet with Linda Ronstadt, “Hearts Against The Wind.” Packaging includes new liner notes from Scott Schinder, based on recent interviews with Souther.

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"I’ll Take Care Of You"


  1. 1. Home By Dawn
  2. 2. Go Ahead And Rain
  3. 3. Say You Will
  4. 4. I’ll Take Care Of You
  5. 5. All For You
  6. 6. Night
  7. 7. Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do
  8. 8. Bad News
  9. 9. All I Want
  10. Bonus Tracks:
  11. 10. Hearts Against The Wind (With Linda Ronstadt)
  12. 11. I’ll Take Care Of You (Demo)
  13. 12. Little Girl Blue
  14. 13. Girls All Over The World

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