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Jack Tempchin
One More Song

Jack Tempchin - One More Song

Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music, including hits with such artists as the Eagles (“Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Almost Gone”), George Jones, Glenn Frey, Glen Campbell, and many others.

“The threads that weave through Tempchin’s earlier work and his newer material are the quality office narrative storytelling and the crystalline musical sound of every one of the songs.” - No Depression

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"One More Song"


  1. 1. Slow Dancing
  2. 2. Singing In The Streets
  3. 3. Old River
  4. 4. Around Midnight
  5. 5. Circle Ties That Bind
  6. 6. So Long My Friend
  7. 7. Still Looking For A Way To Say Goodbye
  8. 8. Streets Of Midnight
  9. 9. I Got Her Right Where She Wants Me
  10. 10. Song For You
  11. 11. Tumbleweed
  12. 12. One More Song

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 07
    Taos, NM, US Jack Tempchin at Kit Carson State Park
  • Nov 03
    Eugene, OR, US Keith Harkin with Jack Tempchin at Old Nick's Pub
  • Nov 06
    Bellingham, WA, US Jack Tempchin at The Firefly Lounge
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