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The Ferryman’s End

Izegrim - The Ferryman’s End

Dutch killing machine Izegrim’s new album The Ferryman's End is the logical follow-up to 2013’s very successful Congress Of The Insane which drew an positively roaring press response as major magazines worldwide, Aardschok expressed “top notch band from Europe,” and Rock Tribune illustrated “Songs that Slayer would have wished to write."

The album was recorded at the prestigious Soundlodge studio in Germany, whom previously worked together with God Dethroned, Dew-Scented, Suicidal Angels amongst others. The album is a big step up from the band’s previous efforts, both production and songwriting wise (think about Kreator and Carcass punching you in the face at the same time).

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"White Walls"


  1. 1. White Walls
  2. 2. Time To Ruin
  3. 3. Endless Desire
  4. 4. The Evil Within
  5. 5. Absolute Necessity
  6. 6. Reclaim My Identity
  7. 7. Insanity Is Freedom
  8. 8. Reflection Of Redemption
  9. 9. Through A Glass Darkly
  10. 10. Lost In Tranquillity
  11. 11. The Ferryman's End