New Releases For June 29, 2010


Intervurt - Union

This 5 piece rock band from London, UK has already begun to make their mark with their electrifying live performance. The band is quickly gaining the reputation that they are a force to be reckoned with. Imagine mixing the attitude and melody of the Killers and U2 with the richness and darkness of Depeche Mode and Muse, combined with the power of Queens of The Stone Age but finding a way to twist all of this and create a sound that is still their own.

Intervurt have already played alongside the likes of the Strokes and the Raconteurs, as well as appearing at the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, Get Loaded In The Park, Beautiful Days, Guilfest, Bestival, The Great Escape, and In The City.

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"Union Square"


  1. 1. Suffering
  2. 2. Union Square
  3. 3. Translucent
  4. 4. No Name
  5. 5. Scars & Stripes
  6. 6. Diesel
  7. 7. Merla
  8. 8. The Fear
  9. 9. Saturday Night
  10. 10. Chain Reaction
  11. 11. City of Moods