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In This Moment

In This Moment - Blood

Stripped down to their essence, the core of In This Moment is on fire with their fourth album, aptly titled Blood. 'I knew that I wanted this album to bring out elements we've never shown before. This alluring, darker, sinful side of us that no one has ever seen,' says Brink. 'We wanted to find something new within ourselves, and with this album, I'm definitely the boldest I've ever been. I'm not trying to push boundaries. It's not a conscious thing. It's a natural artistic place.'

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  1. 1. Rise With Me
  2. 2. Blood
  3. 3. Adrenalize
  4. 4. Whore
  5. 5. You're Gonna' Listen
  6. 6. It Is Written
  7. 7. Burn
  8. 8. Scarlet
  9. 9. Aries
  10. 10. From The Ashes
  11. 11. Beast Within
  12. 12. Comanche
  13. 13. The Blood Legion
  14. 14. 11:11

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