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Ike Reilly
Hard Luck Stories (Digital Only)

Ike Reilly - Hard Luck Stories (Digital Only)

Ike Reilly, indie rock raconteur and singer-songwriter, is sharing some Hard Luck Stories on his new album - a combination of corroded R&B, furious punk-blues, lounge-pop and classic rock, all laced with giant choruses.

As per usual, Ike's razor-sharp insight and wit are woven throughout with the lyrical dexterity and aplomb that have become the hallmarks (and trademarks) of Reilly's critically-lauded records.

Hard Luck Stories once again establishes Reilly as the premier storyteller, dark humorist and unique character in rock and roll.

Includes special guests Shooter Jennings, David Lowery and Johnny Hickman of Cracker and blues legend Barrel House Chuck.


  1. Morning Glory
  2. 7 Come 11
  3. Girls In The Backroom
  4. Light Out (Anything Goes)
  5. The War On The Terror And The Drugs
  6. Good Work
  7. Ballad Of Jack And Haley
  8. The Reformed Church Of The Assault Rifle Band
  9. Sheet Metal Moon
  10. The Golden Corner