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Iced Earth
Plagues Of Babylon

Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon

Plagues Of Babylon marks Iced Earth's 11th studio album. This release delivers the emotional rollercoaster ride that is trademark to any Iced Earth album through powerful tunes such as the title track or the haunting 'Cthulhu,' epic sing-along tracks like 'If I Could See You' and 'Spirit Of The Times' or neck-breaking thrashers like 'Among The Living Dead.'

Iced Earth continues to solidify their reputation as one of the strongest metal bands worldwide with Plagues Of Babylon, which is a testament to the band's steadfast commitment to heavy metal.

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"Plagues Of Babylon"


  1. 1. Plagues Of Babylon
  2. 2. Democide
  3. 3. The Culling
  4. 4. Among The Living Dead
  5. 5. Resistance
  6. 6. The End?
  7. 7. If I Could See You
  8. 8. Cthulhu
  9. 9. Peacemaker
  10. 10. Parasite
  11. 11. Spirit Of The Times
  12. 12. Highwayman

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