New Releases For October 5, 2018

Ice Nine Kills
The Silver Scream

Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream

Through the art of intricate song writing and elaborate storytelling, Boston MA's Ice Nine Kills have the ability to engage and captivate listeners around the world. The group’s 2015 offering, Every Trick In The Book, paid homage to a classic literary work and became Ice Nine Kills' biggest to date, bowing at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and in the Top 5 of the Hard Rock Albums and Independent Albums charts. Now, the group’s fifth full-length, The Silver Scream, bases its thirteen anthems on thirteen respective horror classics.

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"A Grave Mistake"


  1. 1. The American Nightmare
  2. 2. Thank God It's Friday
  3. 3. Stabbing In The Dark
  4. 4. SAVAGES
  5. 5. The Jig Is Up (Featuring Randy Strohmeyer)
  6. 6. A Grave Mistake
  7. 7. Rocking The Boat (Featuring Jeremy Schwartz)
  8. 8. Enjoy Your Slay (Featuring Sam Kubrick)
  9. 9. Freak Flag
  10. 10. The World In My Hands (Featuring Tony Lovato)
  11. 11. Merry Axe-Mas
  12. 12. Love Bites (Featuring Chelsea Talmadge)
  13. 13. IT Is The End (Featuring Less Than Jake, Fenix TX, JR Wasilewski, Buddy Schaub & William Salazar)