New Releases For May 3, 2011

Weights & Measures

Hyland - Weights & Measures

In the same city where Bob Dylan, Prince and even those scrappy garage rockers the Replacements all got their start, another standout rock 'n' roll act, Hyland, has been quickly making a name for itself in Minneapolis and beyond.

Hyland serves up eclectic anthems reminiscent of Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and Anberlin. Armed with a veritable arsenal of inventive hooks and inspired melodies, a relatable, everyman take on everything from God to girls, and the tireless work ethic Midwesterners are known for, Hyland is about to make its mark on an even grander scale with Weights & Measures, the band's first full-length release.

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"Jumping The Gun"


  1. 1. Jumping The Gun
  2. 2. The One That Got Away
  3. 3. This Distance
  4. 4. Crying Out
  5. 5. This Love Is Free
  6. 6. Fireworks
  7. 7. Heart To Life
  8. 8. Never
  9. 9. Til Death
  10. 10. Desperate Man
  11. 11. Downhill
  12. 12. Coast To Coast