New Releases For June 9, 2015



The third full-length release from L.A.-based duo HONEYHONEY, 3, is an album born from fascination with the sweet and the sleazy, the light and dark, the danger and the magic. Since Ben Jaffe and Suzanne Santo released the critically-acclaimed Billy Jack in 2011, they’ve kept on the road, growing their fan base tenfold both at home and internationally. Working on this new album with Dave Cobb (the producer behind Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson), lead singer/banjo player/violinist Suzanne Santo and vocalist/guitarist Ben Jaffe twist their gritty, harmony-driven brand of Southern-flavored rock & roll through tales of lost souls, broken boys and girls with gold in their spit.

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"Big Man"


  1. 1. Big Man
  2. 2. Yours To Bear
  3. 3. Back To You
  4. 4. Whatchya Gonna Do Now
  5. 5. Numb It
  6. 6. Bad People
  7. 7. Burned Me Out
  8. 8. You And I
  9. 9. Father’s Daughter
  10. 10. God Of Love
  11. 11. Sweet Thing
  12. 12. Marry Rich

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