New Releases For February 12, 2016

Herlin Riley
New Direction

Herlin Riley - New Direction

Since coming of age in the nurturing environment of a very musical family and a distinguished bloodline of drummers, New Orleans native Herlin Riley emerged from that most creative era of all things rhythmic in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, to enliven the ensembles of such influential and demanding improvisers as pianist Ahmad Jamal and trumpeter Wynton Marsalis through his commanding yet elegant rhythmic presence. His authoritative style of melodic percussion is deeply imbued in the fertile creative soil of the Crescent City, encompassing as it does the entire length and breadth of America’s ongoing musical journey.

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"The Crossbar"


  1. 1. New Direction
  2. 2. A Spring Fantasy
  3. 3. The Crossbar
  4. 4. The Big Banana
  5. 5. Shake Off The Dust
  6. 6. Connection To Congo Square
  7. 7. Herlin’s Hurdle
  8. 8. Hiccup Smooth
  9. 9. Harlem Shuffle
  10. 10. Tutti Ma

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