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Harold Lopez-Nussa
Un Día Cualquiera

Harold Lopez-Nussa - Un Día Cualquiera

It’s hard to imagine the U.S. jazz scene without the influence of the many Cuban musicians living here. They tell a specific story. Un Día Cualquiera, pianist Harold López-Nussa’s second release for Mack Avenue Records, represents this musical vantage point with force and innovation. He tells this story - his story - with drama, heartfelt emotion and consummate skills. Un Día Cualquiera arrives as U.S. restrictions regarding Cuba again tighten under the Trump administration; considered in that light, the album is an affirmative statement that music will always cross borders and defy obstacles.

TAGS: Jazz | Latin Jazz

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"Conga Total/El Cumbanchero"


  1. 1. Cimarrón
  2. 2. Danza De Los Ñañigos
  3. 3. Una Tarde Cualquiera En Paris (To Bebo Valdes)
  4. 4. Preludio (To Jose Juan)
  5. 5. Elegua
  6. 6. Hialeah
  7. 7. Ma Petite Dans La Boulangerie
  8. 8. Y La Negra Bailaba
  9. 9. Conga Total/El Cumbanchero
  10. 10. Contigo En La Distancia
  11. 11. Mi Son Cerra’o

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 18
    Zürich, Switzerland Harold López-Nussa at Moods
  • Feb 22
    Hamburg, Germany Harold López-Nussa at Resonanzraum - Hochbunker
  • Mar 22
    Boulogne-Billancourt, France Harold López-Nussa at Carré Belle Feuille
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