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Guided By Voices
Live From Austin, TX (CD+DVD)

Guided By Voices - Live From Austin, TX (CD+DVD)

Twenty-plus years...two dozen albums...twice that many bandmates...the mad genius that is Robert Pollard finally decided it was time to bring down the curtain on one of indie rock’s most innovative and, well, outrageous live bands. Pollard was in rare form, with buckets of beer literally and liberally decorating the stage. This performance came in 2004, after the release of their final, critically acclaimed Half Smiles Of The Decomposed, and this Austin City Limits recorded on November 9, 2004 was one of their last performances on what was at the time, their final tour. Robert Pollard always said he wanted to end the band’s decades of music on a high note. And this is it.

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"I Am A Scientist"


  1. 1. Demons Are Real
  2. 2. Pimple Zoo
  3. 3. Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)
  4. 4. Exit Flagger
  5. 5. Sleep Over Jack
  6. 6. Girls Of Wild Strawberries
  7. 7. Navigating Flood Regions
  8. 8. Gold Star For Robot Boy
  9. 9. Window Of My World
  10. 10. Redmen And Their Wives
  11. 11. Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something And 5
  12. 12. My Impression Now
  13. 13. Do The Earth
  14. 14. Game Of Pricks
  15. 15. Secret Star
  16. 16. My Kind Of Soldier
  17. 17. Sad If I Lost It
  18. 18. Cut Out Witch
  19. 19. Gonna Never Have To Die
  20. 20. Best Of Jill Hives
  21. 21. Watch Me Jumpstart
  22. 22. Tractor Rape Chain
  23. 23. Buzzards And Dreadful Crows
  24. 24. Pendulum
  25. 25. Murder Charge
  26. 26. Fair Touching
  27. 27. Teenage FBI
  28. 28. Glad Girls
  29. 29. I Am A Scientist
  30. 30. Echos Myron

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