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Gregory Scott Slay
Horsethief Beats

Gregory Scott Slay - Horsethief Beats

Gregory Scott Slay was a husband, father, and musician - known most notably as a member of Remy Zero. Before he succumbed to Cystic Fibrosis on Jan 1, 2010, Slay completed his final musical salvo, Horsethief Beats / The Sound Will Find You. Performed and recorded by Slay with contributions from fellow Remy Zero alum, Jeffery Cain and Cedric LaMoyne, Horsethief Beats is an album tailor-made for smokey late nights - recalling Bowie's twisted, late-seventies funk, Tom Waits' shambolic bliss, and just a touch of latter day NIN. But for every dark turn there is a beautiful hook and a weightless vocal - apropos to the fact that Slay lived every day of his life to the fullest. And though he's gone, his music and legacy remain. The sound will find you, indeed.

Also available on vinyl - complete with a digital download available from Communicating Vessel's website.

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"New Loop, Old Hope"


  1. 1. Mooney Pt. 1
  2. 2. Keep It Secret
  3. 3. Kindred Spirit
  4. 4. New Loop, Old Hope
  5. 5. Visit With A Snowman
  6. 6. Birds Next Door
  7. 7. Hidden Among The Somethings
  8. 8. And When She Speaks
  9. 9. Moony Pt. 2