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Gov't Mule
Revolution Come... Revolution Go

Gov't Mule - Revolution Come... Revolution Go

Gov’t Mule has showcased its virtuosity, intelligence and breadth over the course of 15 studio and live albums, millions of album and track sales and thousands of performances. The flexible interplay amongst front man Warren Haynes, drummer Matt Abts, keyboardist Danny Louis and bassist Jorgen Carlsson makes them a true living, breathing ensemble. 20 years strong, Gov’t Mule’s vast reservoir of songs has become a human encyclopedia of great American music while adding to that canon with their signature sound. Revolution Come…Revolution Go is the latest release and Fantasy Records debut.

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"Dreams & Songs"


  1. 1. Stone Cold Rage
  2. 2. Drawn That Way
  3. 3. Pressure Under Fire
  4. 4. The Man I Want To Be
  5. 5. Traveling Tune
  6. 6. Thorns Of Life
  7. 7. Dreams & Songs
  8. 8. Sarah, Surrender
  9. 9. Revolution Come, Revolution Go
  10. 10. Burning Point (Featuring Jimmie Vaughan)
  11. 11. Easy Times
  12. 12. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
  13. + Deluxe Bonus:
  14. 13. What Fresh Hell
  15. 14. Click-Track
  16. 15. Outside Myself
  17. 16. Revolution Come, Revolution Go (Alternate Version)
  18. 17. The Man I Want To Be (Live In Studio Version)
  19. 18. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Live In Studio Version)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 10
    Torgau, Germany Gov't Mule at Kulturbastion
  • Jul 13
    Molde, Norway Molde Jazz Festival 2020
  • Jul 16
    Pori, Finland Pori Jazz 2020
  • Oct 02
    Arrington, VA, US Lockn' Music Festival 2020
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