New Releases For April 21, 2015

Gift Giver

Gift Giver - SHITLIFE

If you experience the contagion of Gift Giver, you are guaranteed to be left with two words in mind: infectious and dangerous. Formed in the fall of 2012, the band gained notoriety and repute through their self-released EP, Daddy Issues, and constant touring through the US with acts such as Sworn In, Kublai Khan, Barrier and more.

Appearances at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, Skate and Surf Fest and Michigan's own Dirtfest raised their profile even higher, making them one of the most buzzed about bands in the scene.

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  1. 1. SHITLIFE
  2. 2. Trendkill
  3. 3. Cursed
  4. 4. Bastard
  5. 5. Loose Cannon (Featuring Frankie Palmeri)
  6. 6. Hellhound
  7. 7. Grudge
  8. 8. Scumbag Pt. 2
  9. 9. Death Wish (Featuring Tyler Dennen)
  10. 10. Money $hot