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Gerschlauer, Fiuczynski, DeJohnette, Garrison

Gerschlauer, Fiuczynski, DeJohnette, Garrison - MikroJazz

German saxophonist Philipp Gerschlauer and guitarist David Fiuczynski explore the world of music that falls between the cracks of the tempered scale. Joined by jazz drumming legend Jack DeJohnette, fretless electric bassist Matt Garrison and microtonal keyboardist Giorgi Mikadze, this daring crew creates dreamy, otherworldly soundscapes on tunes by Gerschlauer like aptly-titled "Hangover (Schlechter Kater)" and "LaMonte's Gamelan Jam" along with a swinging microtonal tune "Mikro Steps" and other originals like Fiuczynski's "MiCroY Tyner," Zirkus Macabre and "Lullaby Nightmare."

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"LaMonte's Gamelan Jam"


  1. 1. MikroSteps
  2. 2. Fuer Mary Wigman
  3. 3. Lullaby Nightmare
  4. 4. MiCrOY Tyner
  5. 5. Umamung
  6. 6. Last Chance
  7. 7. November
  8. 8. Hangover
  9. 9. LaMonte's Gamelan Jam
  10. 10. Walking Not Flying
  11. 11. Sofia Im Tuerkischen Café
  12. 12. Zirkus Macabre

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