New Releases For November 17, 2014

George Miguel

George Miguel - California

On his new release, California, singer-songwriter George Miguel teams up with legendary producer and guitarist Pete Anderson on a collection of original Americana songs inspired by life in the Golden State.

From compelling lyrics to memorable melodies, George Miguel's songs are a vignette of life, love, and sorrow set against the backdrop of a changing California.

Pete Anderson gives the Bakersfield Sound a 21st Century update with tight, punchy production that's out in front and full of energy. Bringing years of studio experience, Anderson paints Miguel's songs with a classic country and rock vibe that is pure Americana.


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"I'm Back"


  1. 1. I'm Back
  2. 2. Stoplight
  3. 3. American Freedom
  4. 4. Sundown In L.A.
  5. 5. Where Do We Go?
  6. 6. Best Part About Me Is U
  7. 7. Rainy Night In Rome
  8. 8. No Reservations
  9. 9. House Party
  10. 10. Not Coming Home

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