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Gaudi - Magnetic

Magnetic is the exciting 2017 album by London based music producer/musician Gaudi, which features a choice selection of sounds from the catalogue of internationally respected experimental label RareNoise Records, as well as direct contributions by several top caliber musicians from the worlds of rock, jazz and electronica. The making of Magnetic truly was a creational challenge, even for a man who has been working to dissolve musical boundaries for over 35 years. Best loved and noted to date for his genre blending and high-quality dub-centric productions, in Magnetic, Gaudi has shown us another aspect of his musical self.

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"Modular Rondo"


  1. 1. 30HZ Dub Prelude
  2. 2. Opus 12, No. 7
  3. 3. Memories Of My Pentagram
  4. 4. Nocturnal Sonata
  5. 5. Electronic Impromptu In E-Flat Major
  6. 6. Modular Rondo
  7. 7. Die Ballade Vom Frosch
  8. 8. Epilogue Lietmotif

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 06
    Siófok, Hungary Samsara Festival Europe 2018
  • Aug 15
    Leeuwarden, Netherlands Psy Fi 2018
  • Aug 19
    Exeter, UK Beautiful Days Festival 2018
  • Aug 25
    Trélazé, France Deep Forest, Gaudi, and Dj Swami at Festival Estival
  • Sep 29
    Hebden Bridge, UK Gaudi at The Trades Club
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