New Releases For February 26, 2016

Entombed A.D.
Dead Dawn

Entombed A.D. - Dead Dawn

Entombed A.D.’s legacy goes way back into the year 1987 when the band originally formed under the name Nihilist, and then Entombed. They’ve established themselves as masters of Swedish death metal before flavoring the trademark “Stockholm sound” with a more punkish, rocking edge that culminated in the ultimate death ‘n’ roll sound. Just like its 2014 predecessor Back To The Front, the commando’s newest strike, Dead Dawn does not rehash the early, pure death metal nor the softer leanings of Entombed in the late 90’s, it proudly sports the filth, the roll, the death, the goddamn dose of heaviness you need, expect, and wish to hear from this pack.

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"The Winner Has Lost"


  1. 1. Midas In Reverse
  2. 2. Dead Dawn
  3. 3. Down To Mars To Ride
  4. 4. As The World Fell
  5. 5. Total Death
  6. 6. The Winner Has Lost
  7. 7. Silent Assassin
  8. 8. Hubris Fall
  9. 9. Black Survival
  10. 10. Not What It Seems

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 27
    Zaragoza, Spain Iberian Warriors Metal Festival 2019
  • Oct 18
    Paderborn, Germany Paderborn Metal Inferno 2019
  • Oct 18
    London, UK Entombed A.D. and Aborted with BAEST at The Dome, Tufnell Park
  • Oct 20
    Leipzig, Germany Entombed A.D. at Täubchenthal
  • Oct 21
    Prague, Czech Republic Entombed A.D., Aborted, and BAEST at Futurum
  • Oct 22
    Bratislava, Slovakia Entombed A.D., Aborted, and BAEST at Randal Club
  • Oct 23
    Warsaw, Poland Aborted, Entombed A.D., and BAEST at Proxima
  • Oct 24
    Vilnius, Lithuania Entombed A.D., Aborted, and BAEST at Kultūros baras Kablys
  • Oct 25
    Riga, Latvia Entombed A.D., Aborted, and BAEST at Melnā Piektdiena
  • Oct 26
    Tallinn, Estonia Entombed A.D., Aborted, and BAEST at Tapper
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