New Releases For October 29, 2013

Mount Karma

Dovetail - Mount Karma

Mount Karma is an incredible 14 song journey that will surely captivate its listeners. Dovetail clearly draws much of their musical inspiration from 60s and 70s era rock-and-roll, tapping into the simple yet dynamic arrangements and huge-sounding vocal productions of bands like the Beach Boys, the Byrds and the Beatles. Still, the band is able to create a fresh and modern sound, with frontman Philip's voice channeling the likes of Tom Chaplin of Keane and Matthew Bellamy of Muse. Dovetail won the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the category of Best Rock Song Of The Year.

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  1. 1. Julie
  2. 2. Big City
  3. 3. Hey Hey Mama
  4. 4. Heavy
  5. 5. See The Sun
  6. 6. Can't Feel You
  7. 7. Hurricane
  8. 8. Easier To See
  9. 9. Listen Children
  10. 10. Story
  11. 11. Speak
  12. 12. Get Down
  13. 13. The Road
  14. 14. Mount Karma