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Doobie Brothers
World Gone Crazy

Doobie Brothers - World Gone Crazy

Produced by Ted Templeman, World Gone Crazy is an analogy for the Doobie Brothers as a whole.

Led by founding members, vocalists and principle songwriters Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons, and joined by longtime members John McFee on guitar and Mike Hossack on drums, the Doobies 'pro tem' have perfectly honored the broader, 40-year band's legacy with an offering that grows in unexpected new directions.

The Doobie Brothers' deepest traditions are change, growth, striving and an abiding faith in the future. And so World Gone Crazy pays tribute to the Doobie Brothers legacy the most appropriate way possible... by moving resolutely forward.

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  1. 1. A Brighter Day
  2. 2. Chateau
  3. 3. Nobody
  4. 4. World Gone Crazy
  5. 5. Far From Home
  6. 6. Young Man's Game
  7. 7. Don't Say Goodbye (Feat. Michael McDonald)
  8. 8. My Baby
  9. 9. Old Juarez
  10. 10. I Know We Won (Feat. Willie Nelson)
  11. 11. Law Dogs
  12. 12. Little Prayer
  13. 13. New York Dream

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