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A Cursed Heritage

Dodsferd - A Cursed Heritage

Greece's black 'n' roll machine Dodsferd returns with his phenomenal eighth album. The mammoth A Cursed Heritage is Dodsferd's most varied and dynamic release to date, taking the band in new directions while never forsaking the intoxicating dissonance, filthy rocking hooks, absolute desolation and bleak suicidal black metal Dodsferd have become world-renowned for.

Despite a now-hefty back catalog of black metal gems, main man Wrath discovers new, even-more-potent ways to profess his hatred for the modern world. The heritage of Wrath for this world... A new era of Dodsferd has begun.

'Skunk-putrid, blackpunk lusciousness.' -

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"As The Light Revealed His Wound"


  1. 1. Exile
  2. 2. In The Ground Of Your Beseeching
  3. 3. As The Light Revealed His Wound
  4. 4. The Empty Desolation
  5. 5. Drowned In Silence
  6. 6. Disposable Human Wastes
  7. 7. Deserted