New Releases For May 22, 2012

Diablo Swing Orchestra
Pandora's Piñata

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piñata

Diablo Swing Orchestra has been thrilling worldwide audiences with their audacious blend of metal, opera, and swing jazz. Spice it up even further with a bit of spaghetti-western soundtrack and you've got an eclectic mix unlike any other band on the planet.

The Swedish band's third album finds them with an expanded lineup featuring the addition of two horn players. One thing is certain, Pandora's Piñata is guaranteed to be a wild high-energy musical ride.

TAGS: Alternative | Jazz

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"Voodoo Mon Amour"


  1. 1. Voodoo Mon Amour
  2. 2. Guerrilla Laments
  3. 3. Kevlar Sweethearts
  4. 4. How To Organize A Lynch Mob
  5. 5. Black Box Messiah
  6. 6. Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball
  7. 7. Aurora
  8. 8. Mass Rapture
  9. 9. Honey Trap Aftermath
  10. 10. Of Kali Ma Calibre
  11. 11. Justice For Saint Mary