New Releases For April 26, 2011

Cry Havoc

Destrophy - Cry Havoc

Over the last two years Destrophy have continued to build a strong name for themselves. Starting with an intelligent and enigmatic self-titled debut album on Victory Records, Destrophy exploded on the hard-rock circuit by touring with some of the biggest names in the genre including Type O Negative, OTEP, and Bury Your Dead.

Cry Havoc is the next rousing progression from Destrophy - it delivers a powerful message of inspiration and perseverance. The band has focused on bigger and broader tones with more emphasis on their catchy and sharply recognizable melodies. Cry Havoc delivers on Destrophy's distinct sound - blowing away the gamut of current radio rock.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Cry Havoc
  2. 2. We Are Alive
  3. 3. Seven Nights
  4. 4. All My Life
  5. 5. Still Bleeding
  6. 6. Closer
  7. 7. What Would We Say
  8. 8. Misery
  9. 9. It Ends Tonight
  10. 10. Hello