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David Francey
The Broken Heart Of Everything

David Francey - The Broken Heart Of Everything

The Broken Heart Of Everything marks the 12th collection of timeless and beautifully crafted songs from David Francey. On this record, the 3-time Juno award-winning songsmith touches on the introspection that comes with travelling, the memories that have shaped him and the love that binds us all. Francey, along with his long-time collaborators Mark Westerberg, Chris Coole and Darren McMullen, have created a lush, nostalgic sounding backdrop, allowing David’s striking and sincere lyrics to weave captivating stories that you and your loved ones will want to return to again and again.

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"Only Love"


  1. 1. Poorer Than
  2. 2. Night And Morning
  3. 3. The Flower Of Colonsay
  4. 4. Lonely Road
  5. 5. I Know It Won’t
  6. 6. Blue Sorrow And Then Some
  7. 7. Come Sunday
  8. 8. Where Harry Sat
  9. 9. Only Love
  10. 10. Walking In Jerusalem
  11. 11. Moon Over Melbourne

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