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Darren Rahn

Darren Rahn - Speachless

Speechless seems the appropriate title for a record that, upon first listen, leaves little to be said. Rahn proves that beyond being a serious producer, he is equally adept at songwriting and proves again that his saxophone chops rank right up there with the best in the business.

On Speechless, Rahn has raised the bar - so high in fact that it will be some time before anybody touches it. Radio hooks and compelling melodies run amok here, leading with the hit radio single 'Magnetic' that has a pull so strong that it will affix itself to your head and you'll never get it out. Rahn explores some brilliant musical collaborations that prove to be pure magic: the great Paul Brown on 'Give N Take', Maxine Hardcastle (daughter of Paul Hardcastle) on the breathtakingly sexy title track, Dave Koz & Najee, and introducing exciting new vocal sensation, Joshua Welton, on 'Magical,' destined to become a pure pop smash.

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  1. 1. Wave Of The Future
  2. 2. Into The Light
  3. 3. Magical
  4. 4. Give 'N' Take
  5. 5. Magnetic
  6. 6. Revelation
  7. 7. Studio
  8. 8. Speechless
  9. 9. One Step Ahead
  10. 10. Euro Trippin'
  11. 11. Flashback
  12. 12. The Healing