New Releases For August 23, 2011

La Liberación

CSS - La Liberación

Fresh off their sweat and glitter-fueled Coachella performance and recent co-headlining tour with Sleigh Bells where they played sold out shows across the country, Brazilian dance-punk revelers CSS offer their third full-length, La Liberación. The new album features collaborations with Ratatat, Mike Garson (who played piano on David Bowie's 'Aladdin Sane'), and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie on the single, 'Hits Me Like A Rock,' that is on its way to becoming one of 2011's summer anthems.

On La Liberación the Brazilian crew's core of party-starting dance pop, reggae, and punk has expanded to include new sonic tricks and a wider range of lyrical themes. Lead singer Lovefoxxx has grown as a lyricist, maintaining a balance between odes to hedonism with some genuine introspection. As frontwoman Lovefoxxx recently told SPIN, 'Actually, I have more energy than I used to. I'm like the Benjamin Button of music - getting younger all the time.'

CSS have toured with Ladytron, Gwen Stefani, and Klaxons. The new material was recorded during a well-deserved break after several grueling years of worldwide touring. Fittingly, La Liberación is the sound of the band reinvigorated and revitalized. Each track will have listeners tapping toes and singing along by the time the second chorus hits. The group has also announced a U.S. tour that kicks off in October.

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"Hits Me Like A Rock"


  1. 1. I Love You
  2. 2. Hits Me Like A Rock
  3. 3. City Girl
  4. 4. Echo Of Love
  5. 5. You Can Have It All
  6. 6. La Liberación
  7. 7. Partners In Crime
  8. 8. Ruby Eyes
  9. 9. Rhythm To The Rebels
  10. 10. Red Alert
  11. 11. Fuck Everything