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Chris Mata
El Padrino

Chris Mata - El Padrino

El Padrino has a solid and hilarious conversational style that is filled with solutions to everyday parenting challenges using a mafioso rational. This album captures the feel of an up-close-and-personal encounter with an old friend from your distant past. It is refreshingly clean with an edginess suitable for all ages. Some tracks expand on jokes from his first CD Parental Guidance (2014), and takes them to a new level. El Padrino is what parents have been waiting for: a father brave enough to take charge of his family in a world full of child worshippers – mafia style.

TAGS: Comedy


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  2. 1. Respect
  3. 2. Mafia Family
  4. 3. The Sit Down
  5. 4. Family Dinner
  6. 5. Mirror Trick
  7. 6. Urban Legends
  8. 7. Empty Threat
  9. 8. Karate
  10. 9. Friends
  11. 10. Where We Met
  12. 11. Compliments
  13. 12. The Wife Stealer
  14. 13. Email Me