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!!! - Thr!!!er

California dance-punk royalty !!! return in full form to deliver Thr!!!er, the band's most compelling and captivating release to date.

According to guitarist Mario Andreoni, the album's title came from a desire to create their masterpiece, a version of a record as high caliber and significant as Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Andreoni says 'Thriller didn't merely come to represent the selling of a lot of records...it became synonymous with an artist(s)' and/or genre(s)' artistic high-watermark... One day at the studio, Nic [Offer, vocalist] drew Thr!!!er on a napkin and I liked it...then we made our Thr!!!er.'

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"One Girl / One Boy"


  1. 1. Even When The Water's Cold
  2. 2. Get That Rhythm Right
  3. 3. One Girl / One Boy
  4. 4. Fine Fine Fine
  5. 5. Slyd
  6. 6. Californiyeah
  7. 7. Except Death
  8. 8. Careful
  9. 9. Station (Meet Me At The)

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