New Releases For June 21, 2011

Charles Simmons

Charles Simmons - Elements

In the United States, the name Charles Simmons only rings a bell in the minds of book lovers. In Germany, however, American entertainer Charles Simmons has one of the most recognizable voices in the country, having appeared on countless commercial jingles and as a sideman on numerous projects over the years. With his latest solo album, Elements, Simmons demonstrates his formidable talents as singer, songwriter and producer.

From emotion-charged ballads like 'Back To You' and 'In You,' the driving rock-oriented 'Show No Mercy' and 'Pretending,' to his brilliant cover-versions of pop classics 'Never Gonna Give You Up' from Rick Astley and the Eagles 'I Can't Tell You Why,' Elements is a perfect showcase for Simmons's musical versatility and vocal skills. Hearing is believing.

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"Let It Ride"


  1. 1. Elements Intro
  2. 2. The Element
  3. 3. Let It Ride
  4. 4. Never Gonna Give You Up
  5. 5. Show No Mercy
  6. 6. Obsession
  7. 7. Anything But What We Are
  8. 8. In You
  9. 9. What It's Like To Be In Love
  10. 10. Tonight
  11. 11. Pretending
  12. 12. I Can't Tell You Why (Featuring Cassandra Steen)
  13. 13. Back To You