New Releases For September 30, 2013

Caro Emerald
In Concert (DVD/Blu-ray)

Caro Emerald - In Concert (DVD/Blu-ray)

A classically trained and multi-faceted vocalist, Dutch singer Caro Emerald, backed by a full brass band and a DJ, channels big band, pop, jazz, and mambo, influences into a smooth, classy flavor. Drawing inspiration from the 20s through the 60s, Emerald recalls the sultry sirens and pin-ups of yesteryear viewed through a contemporary prism, musically and stylistically. Her retro-yet-modern aesthetic, has garnered comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Adele.

This performance was filmed at the BBC Radio Theatre for BBC's In Concert series earlier this year. Emerald, with intoxicating whimsy and glowing stage presence, performs a mix of tracks from both her studio albums, including all her hits ('Back It Up,' 'That Man,' 'Liquid Lunch,' 'Stuck,' 'Tangled Up,' 'A Night Like This,' 'Riviera Life,' and many more), and a cover version of the Noel Coward song 'Mad About The Boy.'

Bonus Features include an interview with Emerald and rehearsal performances of 'Tangled Up' and 'That Man.'


  1. 1. Just One Dance
  2. 2. You Don't Love Me
  3. 3. Riviera Life
  4. 4. Pack Up The Louie
  5. 5. Black Valentine
  6. 6. Back It Up
  7. 7. Liquid Lunch
  8. 8. Completely
  9. 9. Paris
  10. 10. Dr Wanna Do
  11. 11. I Belong To You
  12. 12. That Man
  13. 13. The Other Woman
  14. 14. Mad About The Boy
  15. 15. My Two Cents
  16. 16. Tangled Up
  17. 17. A Night Like This
  18. 18. Stuck