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Buckcherry - Confessions

Buckcherry doesn't play by the rules, and they certainly don't intend to start anytime soon.

Merging punk grit, gutter attitude, honest storytelling, and razor sharp hooks, the group remains rebellious in every way. There's no formula. There's no agenda. There's no filter. There's no stopping. There's just rock and roll and Confessions embodies that in every way. Featuring the hit single 'Gluttony.'

TAGS: Hard Rock

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  1. 1. Gluttony
  2. 2. Wrath
  3. 3. Nothing Left But Tears
  4. 4. The Truth
  5. 5. Greed
  6. 6. Water
  7. 7. Seven Ways To Die
  8. 8. Air
  9. 9. Sloth
  10. 10. Pride
  11. 11. Envy
  12. 12. Lust
  13. 13. Dreamin' Of You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 19
    Bochum, Germany Buckcherry at Zeche
  • Feb 20
    Hamburg, Germany Buckcherry at Markthalle
  • Feb 22
    Zürich, Switzerland Buckcherry at Dynamo
  • Feb 24
    Saarbrücken, Germany Buckcherry at Garage
  • Mar 06
    Sacramento, CA, US Buckcherry, Joyous Wolf, and Failure by Proxy at Ace of Spades
  • Mar 08
    Vancouver, BC, Canada Buckcherry and Joyous Wolf at Hard Rock Casino
  • Mar 10
    Edmonton, AB, Canada Buckcherry at Century Casino
  • Mar 13
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada Buckcherry at Burton Cummings Theatre
  • Mar 16
    Effingham, IL, US Buckcherry at Effingham Performance Center
  • Mar 19
    Grand Rapids, MI, US Buckcherry at Intersection
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