New Releases For May 27, 2016

Bonnie Bishop
Ain’t Who I Was

Bonnie Bishop - Ain’t Who I Was

Grammy-winning Bonnie Bishop’s sixth album, Ain’t Who I Was, was produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell). It features 10 new recordings, including six songs co-written by Bishop. The new release is her most transparent album to date. Armed with songs from her years-deep catalog, she approached the recording process with the innocence, hope and trepidation of a new artist, but with Dave Cobb at her side. “You can hear Bonnie’s soul and heart in every note she sings,” says Cobb. “That’s what attracted me to Bonnie; the honesty and humility in her songwriting.”

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"Ain’t Who I Was"


  1. 1. Mercy
  2. 2. Be With You
  3. 3. Looking For You
  4. 4. Done Died
  5. 5. Poor Man’s Melody
  6. 6. Broken
  7. 7. Too Late
  8. 8. Ain’t Who I Was
  9. 9. Not Cause I Wanted You
  10. 10. You Will Be Loved