New Releases For June 9, 2017

Strange Circles

Bokanté - Strange Circles

Snarky Puppy's Michael League leads Bokanté on their debut album. For the newly-formed international music ensemble, connection is the foundation upon which all things are built. Rich in the sounds of both delta and desert, the unusual but evocative instrumentation blends musical worlds to convey an urgent message of social awareness against the rising tide of exclusion and human indifference. The album goes from Zeppelin-esque blues stomp to folkloric Caribbean kaladja over the course of its ten tracks, blending the extensive and varied knowledge of the individual players with a strong, yet empathetic, lyrical approach.

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"Jou Ké Ouvè"


  1. 1. Jou Ké Ouvè
  2. 2. Nou Tout Sé Yonn
  3. 3. O La
  4. 4. Zyé Ouvè, Zyé Fèmé
  5. 5. Roudesann
  6. 6. Limyè
  7. 7. An Ni Chans
  8. 8. Apathie Mortelle
  9. 9. Vayan
  10. 10. Héritier