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Blue October
Any Man In America

Blue October - Any Man In America

Since the band's inception in 1995, Blue October has been a refuge for its fans worldwide. The band built a loyal audience, exploding into the mainstream with mega-hits 'Hate Me,' 'Into The Ocean,' and 'Dirt Room.' They have had high profile film and TV placements - The Sopranos, Saw III and NCIS. A cathartic tale of heartbreak and healing through thirteen distinct songs, Any Man In America is a musical journey told with unbridled lyrical honesty, anthemic modern rock hooks, and melodic soundscapes.

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"The Chills"


  1. 1. Everything (AM Limbo)
  2. 2. The Feel Again (Stay)
  3. 3. The Money Tree
  4. 4. For The Love
  5. 5. Drama Everything
  6. 6. The Chills
  7. 7. The Flight (Lincoln to Minneapolis)
  8. 8. Any Man In America
  9. 9. You Waited Too Long
  10. 10. The Honesty
  11. 11. The Getting Over It Part
  12. 12. The Worry List
  13. 13. The Follow Through

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