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Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead - Barragán

NYC's critically acclaimed Blonde Redhead present Barragán, via Kobalt Label Services. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Drew Brown (Beck, Radiohead, the Books, Lower Dens, Sandro Perri), and is one of the freshest in their acclaimed catalog, taking Blonde Redhead down yet another new sonic path nine records into their career.

It is the most stark, elemental, stripped back album Blonde Redhead has ever made, relying on shivers of analog keyboard twists and the off-kilter, slinky rhythms of drummer Simone Pace to carry the voices of singers/guitarists Kazu Makino and Amadeo Pace.

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  1. 1. Barragán
  2. 2. Lady M
  3. 3. Dripping
  4. 4. Cat On Tin Roof
  5. 5. The One I Love
  6. 6. No More Honey
  7. 7. Mind To Be Had
  8. 8. Defeatist Anthem (Harry and I)
  9. 9. Penultimo
  10. 10. Seven Two