New Releases For October 16, 2015

Black Tide
Chasing Shadows

Black Tide - Chasing Shadows

Black Tide hails from Miami, Florida and is best known for the fact that they were signed to a major label when frontman Gabriel Garcia was only 15 years old. Combining early influences of speed and thrash metal with the modern element of post hardcore, the band gained major attention from press and metal fans alike. After releasing their debut album Light From Above, the band embarked on a heavy touring schedule which included Ozzfest, Mayhem Festival, and a European tour with Bullet For My Valentine. Out of the darkness comes Black Tide's third full length album Chasing Shadows.

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"Angel In The Dark"


  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Guidelines
  3. 3. Angel In The Dark
  4. 4. Predator (Animal)
  5. 5. Burn
  6. 6. Chasing Shadows
  7. 7. Before We Form
  8. 8. Sex Is Angry
  9. 9. Welcome To Misery
  10. 10. Heaven
  11. 11. Promised Land