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Big Thief
Capacity (Vinyl)

Big Thief - Capacity (Vinyl)

The album is thick with raw, un-doctored beauty: most of the songs on Capacity were played for the first time in the studio and were recorded the same day. “There is a darker darkness and a lighter light on this album,” lead singer, Adrianne Lenker explains. “The songs search for a deeper level of self-acceptance, to embrace the world within and without. I think Masterpiece began that process, as a reaction from inside the pain, whereas I feel Capacity examines the pain from the outside.”

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"Shark Smile"


  1. 1. Pretty Things
  2. 2. Shark Smile
  3. 3. Capacity
  4. 4. Watering
  5. 5. Coma
  6. 6. Great White Shark
  7. 7. Mythological Beauty
  8. 8. Objects
  9. 9. Haley
  10. 10. Mary
  11. 11. Black Diamonds

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 22
    Groningen, Netherlands Big Thief at VERA
  • Mar 23
    Utrecht, Netherlands Big Thief at Ekko
  • Mar 25
    Brussels, Belgium Big Thief at Botanique - Rotonde
  • Mar 26
    Münster, Germany Big Thief at Pension Schmidt
  • Mar 27
    Amiens, France Big Thief at La Lune Des Pirates
  • Mar 28
    Paris, France Big Thief at Point Ephémère
  • Mar 31
    Dublin, Ireland Big Thief at Whelan's
  • Apr 01
    Dublin, Ireland Big Thief at Whelan's
  • Apr 02
    Edinburgh, UK Big Thief at La Belle Angele
  • Apr 03
    Nottingham, UK Big Thief at Rescue Rooms
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