New Releases For September 28, 2010

August Burns Red

August Burns Red - Home

Home CD/DVD includes live tracks and video footage filmed in the band's hometown of Manheim, PA. The show drew a sold-out crowd of 1250 people who wanted to participate in the exciting performance, including some who traveled internationally, from as close as Montreal to as far as away as Amsterdam.

The powerful, pummeling performance featured many fan favorites from the band's three full-length albums, Constellations, 2007's Messengers and 2005's Thrillseeker, meaning that Home will appeal to both new and longtime August Burns Red fans.

The live show is accompanied by a documentary on the band detailing life on the road and at home and featuring many fans discussing the ways in which August Burns Red have impacted their lives in a positive, meaningful way.

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  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Back Burner
  3. 3. White Washed
  4. 4. Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins
  5. 5. The Eleventh Hour
  6. 6. Meddler
  7. 7. Truth Of A Liar
  8. 8 . Mariana's Trench
  9. 9. Thirty And Seven
  10. 10. Existence
  11. 11. Meridian
  12. 12. Shot Below The Belt
  13. 13. Up Against The Ropes
  14. 14. Composure
  15. 15. The Seventh Trumpet

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