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This Is Your Life

Augustines - This Is Your Life

Augustines albums are not frivolous affairs. They make big, heart-wrenching sounds, rock music hewn from granite, from the very ground we stand on, the subject matter urgent and vital. The album was recorded in New York, Los Angeles and Bridgeport, CT with Joe Chiccarelli and long-time producer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Frightened Rabit). Featuring Senegalese vocalists and ‘80s drum machines, the album revels in a sense of realization while maintaining the band’s epic scope. This Is Your Life is a battle cry. Being alive is amazing, and it’s not forever. What are you going to do with your chance?

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"When Things Fall Apart"


  1. 1. Are We Alive?
  2. 2. When Things Fall Apart
  3. 3. The Forgotten Way
  4. 4. Running In Place (Featuring Pape & Cheikh)
  5. 5. May You Keep Well (Featuring Pape & Cheikh)
  6. 6. Landmine
  7. 7. Hold Me Loneliness
  8. 8. No Need To Explain
  9. 9. This Is Your Life
  10. 10. Days Roll By

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